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Below is a log of someone pushing me around and calling me an idiot and telling me i'm a failure. please note i just registered for the summer session at wake tech. time to start proving this shitpile wrong. Everytime someone pushes me around like this it only makes me more determined, so come on down and feed my masochistic side, tell me i quit everything else in life so i'll quit this too.

sixsecondscore: so are you planning on coming down soon?

blah: no

sixsecondscore: not at all

blah: mom agreed not to charge me rent so i could save for a car

blah: so i decided to save for a more expensive one

sixsecondscore: i was just curious

sixsecondscore: because really you were suppose to be down here by now

blah: yes.

blah: shit goes to hell

blah: i would be if id idn't need a CAR for groceries

blah: i found a studio for like 450 and 150 deposit

blah: i would take it

sixsecondscore: plus utilities

blah: but i wouldn't have transport to the grocery mart

sixsecondscore: plus food

sixsecondscore: do you realize how broke you're going to be

blah: eh

sixsecondscore: i gotta wait 2-3 days

sixsecondscore: and do that shit

blah: i wanted room mates but i can't trust ANYONE and rach went and got her place n FEBUARY

blah: instead of waiting

blah: i could of managed

sixsecondscore: no you cant

sixsecondscore: ypu

blah: but she got a two bedroom and one is connors

sixsecondscore: you're gonna be asking for money from your family every other week

sixsecondscore: still 450  plus 100 for electic plus 30 for water

sixsecondscore: plus 100 a week for food

blah: it doesn't cost me 100 a week to eat

blah: it cost me like 50

sixsecondscore: oh and none of that comes to internet and stuff

blah: which i steal

sixsecondscore: lol

sixsecondscore: yeah

sixsecondscore: you're plan is fucked

blah: 580 + 200 = 780

blah: 1070  is what i get

sixsecondscore: ok

sixsecondscore: so

blah: you still haven't come up with so many expenses i'd go broke

sixsecondscore: 1070-780

sixsecondscore: is?

sixsecondscore: 290

sixsecondscore: so cable

sixsecondscore: -50

sixsecondscore: internet

sixsecondscore: -50

blah: why the hell would i get cable?

sixsecondscore: cell phone

blah: paid for by my family

sixsecondscore: -50

sixsecondscore: ok

sixsecondscore: or not

sixsecondscore: 200 for food

blah: that was including food

blah: the 780

sixsecondscore: ok fair enough

sixsecondscore: so

sixsecondscore: 290 for the month to spend

sixsecondscore: that's what

sixsecondscore: 70 a week?

sixsecondscore: yeah

sixsecondscore: you obviously have never lived on your own

sixsecondscore: im nervous about moving out and after my rent and everything i still have 300 a week

blah: you care to be roomies?

sixsecondscore: cant im renting a room

sixsecondscore: 400 plud utilities included

blah: you realize when you go to and find a room for 300 that's utilties included right?

blah: I could just find room mates online

blah: and live with strangers

sixsecondscore: lol

sixsecondscore: yeah of course

sixsecondscore: and you're coming down in feb

blah: no

sixsecondscore: right?

blah: i'm not

sixsecondscore: remember when i laugh at you


sixsecondscore: is an example of why i would laugh at ypu

blah: you really are an asshole, you know that right?

blah: as if i'd even tell you

blah: better yet I just don't tell you if i come or if i go

blah: because i'd rather not be subjected to your bullshit

blah: who knows

blah: maybe i'll stay here and go back to school

blah: with my grand parents willing to pay

blah: hell, that was kind of what i have everyone planning for anyways

blah: why the fuck would i want to live in florida? consider who your governor is

blah: considering orlando replaced the best thing that ever happened to them with alan grayson

blah: the whole populace is fucked

blah: i can write off the majority as a bunch of assholes as easily as pie

sixsecondscore: no sure

sixsecondscore: doesnt mean you didnt fail in your attempt to come down

blah: i haven't attempted shit yet

blah: so bugger off

sixsecondscore: oh ok

sixsecondscore: sorry

sixsecondscore: hey

sixsecondscore: didnt mean to point to obvious out

sixsecondscore: and that i called it

sixsecondscore: 3 months ago

sixsecondscore: thats all

sixsecondscore: a jon you were right every once and a while you know would really make me feel better

sixsecondscore: considering

sixsecondscore: im right 90 percent of the time

blah: You're going to make that degree all that much sweeter

blah: you're a naysayer and i think the idea of me suceeding fucking terrifies you

blah: because you can't stand to be outdone and that's EXACTLY what the motivation will be to do do good in school and not fucking quit

blah: sucess is the best revenge, after all.

sixsecondscore: ...

sixsecondscore: ok

sixsecondscore: well

sixsecondscore: where to start on those dumb comment

sixsecondscore: s

sixsecondscore: 1. where i've failed? besides the fact the ive only lived at home for 6 months the past 5 years

sixsecondscore: you know

sixsecondscore: 2. like i really care what you say

sixsecondscore: 3. no really i could give a fuck less wether you win or loss

sixsecondscore: my ego is not affected

sixsecondscore: 4,

sixsecondscore: well

sixsecondscore: i was actually right

sixsecondscore: so i mean that counts for something

sixsecondscore: and finaly

blah: you don't love being right

sixsecondscore: i do

sixsecondscore: wtf

sixsecondscore: how do people do tha

sixsecondscore: t

sixsecondscore: like they really know

blah: whst you love is bumming me out and crushing my hopes

blah: otherwise you wouldn't do it

sixsecondscore: no

sixsecondscore: i wish

sixsecondscore: i do

sixsecondscore: so much

sixsecondscore: that would would win

sixsecondscore: but you have such horrible idea's

sixsecondscore: its like watching a kid figure out he can listen to the radio in the bathtub

sixsecondscore: thats how bad you are

sixsecondscore: constantly

sixsecondscore: but

sixsecondscore: you're a fighter

sixsecondscore: you're never wrong

sixsecondscore: so why do i bother

sixsecondscore: even when im right

blah: I don't care about being right! i don't give a flying fuck!

sixsecondscore: im wrong in your book

sixsecondscore: you're like a whore

blah: I don't care if i can come to florida or noto

blah: i don't CARE if you're right!

blah: do you not get it?

sixsecondscore: but i do

blah: It doesn't matter

sixsecondscore: i dont care if you do or not

sixsecondscore: but the fact

sixsecondscore: that i called it

sixsecondscore: months ago

sixsecondscore: has credence

sixsecondscore: just saying

sixsecondscore: hey im not saying its impossible

sixsecondscore: just saying

sixsecondscore: with the plan you had

sixsecondscore: it wouldnt happen

blah: you'd also shit a brick when i told you i was planning to major in psychology and get a phd in it

blah: because i'm sure you'd think i'm a quitter

blah: and can't comitt to anything

sixsecondscore: you'd

sixsecondscore: is past tense

sixsecondscore: and quitter is light for what i think of you

blah: you would. not you did

blah: ...ugh

sixsecondscore: ...

sixsecondscore: again

sixsecondscore: not i would

sixsecondscore: or i did

sixsecondscore: but i do

sixsecondscore: so how is there a tense

sixsecondscore: ?

blah: would doesn't have to be past tense!

blah: would can VERY easily be present

sixsecondscore: it is when using a verb

sixsecondscore: sarcasm

sixsecondscore: just to let you know

sixsecondscore: isnt an excuse for shit english

sixsecondscore: because you would think

sixsecondscore: mean

sixsecondscore: s

blah: ....ugh

sixsecondscore: either probabaly

sixsecondscore: or did

blah: you WILL

sixsecondscore: either of which

sixsecondscore: is wrong

sixsecondscore: i will

sixsecondscore: is still wrong

sixsecondscore: i do

blah: I do shit a brick is bad fucking grammar

sixsecondscore: you shouldve just said

sixsecondscore: you do

sixsecondscore: no

sixsecondscore: i was proving a point

sixsecondscore: i think you suck

blah: you do shit a brick isn't proper

sixsecondscore: you could never do college

sixsecondscore: let alone psychology

blah: bullshit

sixsecondscore: oh ok

sixsecondscore: yeah im just pretending

blah: you've got your evidence based on what?

sixsecondscore: based on

sixsecondscore: you're life

blah: what happened at publix and what you consider bad grammar that can't be replaced?

blah: retrained

sixsecondscore: you got those microsoft certificates?

blah: Why would i? they were worthless

blah: i did research

sixsecondscore: oh ok

sixsecondscore: yeah

sixsecondscore: so you

sixsecondscore: "quit that"

blah: before i spent the money

sixsecondscore: what about high school

sixsecondscore: well fuck that shit too

sixsecondscore: what about anything

sixsecondscore: you eve

sixsecondscore: r

sixsecondscore: didnt want to do

blah: you know what i want more than anything right?

blah: to prove you wrong for the sake of it.

sixsecondscore: really?

sixsecondscore: here's the catch 22

sixsecondscore: that involves work

blah: oh no!

sixsecondscore: and you dont have a worth ethic

sixsecondscore: at all

sixsecondscore: really

sixsecondscore: here let's stop this

sixsecondscore: paul

sixsecondscore: remember this moment

sixsecondscore: you are wrong

sixsecondscore: i think you are an idiot

sixsecondscore: "sixsecondscore (sixsecondscore)" signed off at Tue Feb 08 21:06:38 2011.

blah: NOBODY tells me i'm stupid and happens to be right. You know why I bombed out of high school, i've told you a thousand fucking times. Too much time was spent compensating for the students who didn't want to learn and didn't bother paying attention and who's heads simply "exploded with pain" everytime they had to do god forbid fucking algerbra

blah: I couldn't take

blah: all the PAPER WORK

sixsecondscore: i od

sixsecondscore: do

sixsecondscore: first off

sixsecondscore: so

blah: they were throwing at me because they needed to be SURE

sixsecondscore: right there you fail

sixsecondscore: dude

blah: and you know what? If i'm paying 300 dollars a course

sixsecondscore: whatever

blah: and they're throwing bullshit at me

blah: i'm going to swallow bullshit

sixsecondscore: was i right?

sixsecondscore: justify all you want

blah: especially because you said i couldn't fucking swallow bullshit

sixsecondscore: but fuck you

sixsecondscore: you never take any advice I havee

blah: because nothing would be sweeter than the taste of bullshit after you told me i couldn't

sixsecondscore: because you think you know everything

blah: I'm not stupid

sixsecondscore: you have a god complex

sixsecondscore: so hey

sixsecondscore: do what you want

blah: i had a bad work ethic

blah: you're right in that criticism

blah: but it's 20fucking 11 and unlike you people change

sixsecondscore: yeah?

sixsecondscore: show me

sixsecondscore: words are cheap

blah: i wish i had done better in high school

sixsecondscore: you are the exact same as 2002

sixsecondscore: so

sixsecondscore: what can you do

blah: but being STUPID is incurable, having a bad work ethic and being LAZY can be corrected

blah: i'm not stupid!

sixsecondscore: yeah you are

sixsecondscore: but thats besides the point

sixsecondscore: you're not unteachable is what you mean

sixsecondscore: but stupid

sixsecondscore: yea

sixsecondscore: h

blah: 144.

blah: is hardly a low iq

sixsecondscore: 12 times 12

sixsecondscore: oh no

sixsecondscore: iq tests

sixsecondscore: again

sixsecondscore: actions

sixsecondscore: speak louder than words

sixsecondscore: living like a dult makes you a dult

sixsecondscore: hence

sixsecondscore: you're a dult

sixsecondscore: "sixsecondscore (sixsecondscore)" signed off at Tue Feb 08 21:18:53 2011.

Session Close (sixsecondscore): Tue Feb 08 21:18:57 2011 -0500

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